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Boho Babe

Clothes for Boho babes, Mojo Men, Karmic Kids and Hippie Chicks

Bags, Shawls, Head Wraps, Hats, Purses & Pouches

Silver Jewellery, Costume and Body Jewellery plus Wooden Tribal Spikes

Boho Homewares

Cushions, Beadspreads, Wall Hangings and Torans

Giftware, Bamboo Curtains, Dreamcatchers and Windchimes

Sari, Cloth, Leaf Journals & Albums

Boho Senses

Insence, Smudge Sticks and Herbs

Oils such as Kama, Spiritual Sky, Nag Champa

Candles and Soaps

Boho Spirit

Budhas, Ganesh, and many other deities

Feng Shui, Singing Bowls, Crystals

Books, Tarot and Affirmation cards

Boho Rhythm

Drums, Flutes, Pan Pipes, Maraccas

Cds for Relax, Meditate, Dance plus Belly Dance accessories

plus lots more....

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