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 ...what treasures do we have to adorn

your abode, body and soul...


Now you can buy at our on line store in Ebay!!

These products and more can be bought at auction through Ebay!

Click on the Ebay link below to go to our ebay store now!

Stretch Cotton, Recycled Sari, Sitara,

Lurex thread, Layered Cotton

....its all here!!!


Reversable Sari Skirt and Top

Does your abode need
a little Spring makeover?

...then light up your rooms with these lampshades made from cotton and paper from the bark of the daphne bush. Choose from

- Black Ink Designs of Gods

- Leaves and Petals blended in

- Round or  Square, Long or Short

Other products such as writing sets and wrapping paper with god designs or petals are available.

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 Role and requirements

plus positions available

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To help complete your Boho Lifestyle

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